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Through our team of experts, we offer the following services in Spanish and English:

  • Undergraduate and graduate thesis mentoring
  • Research consultancies in the fields represented by the learning sciences
  • Tailored courses in research methodology
  • Tailored courses in critical thinking and reading
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In the simplest terms, research refers to the gathering and analysis of information or data in order to answer a question or problem. Yet, for us, research involves far more than that! We understand research to be informed by three important values, namely

Research is thus more than just a means to an end, like finishing a thesis or graduating, but rather a unique and fascinating way of viewing the world and our place in it.

We strongly believe in sharing our passion for research with the community, not just by conducting carefully-designed, rigorous studies in response to your needs, but also by developing the necessary research values and skills in all the people that we work with.

For more information, or an informal chat about your research-related goals or need, please contact us.

Our Work in Research

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