Educational Support In Situ

We assist teachers in reflection of their practices through evidence obtained during the educational process. This support takes place in the teacher’s own context, which creates more informed decision-making to improve the teaching and learning process.

Evidence shows that educational support is more effective when it does not come from a professional’s own institution. The complex relationships and obligations within an organization limit the benefits of in-house training while an outside presence avoids the possible erosion of these connections between colleagues. The best state-of-the-art practice suggests that “in situ” accompaniment that is tailored to the specific needs of teachers and students improves what is done daily, in authentic contexts and is therefore superior to professional development sessions which do not usually result in significant change or improvement by teachers (Darling-Hammond, 2011).

The advice and support strategies used “in situ” are based on respect for the institutional culture, which differs according to the context and the capacity for change of the institution.

Both counseling and accompaniment include the joint development of seminars, workshops and courses where practice and theory are combined, so teachers bring their ideas to the learning spaces that are reviewed during training.

Educational Counseling

We offer a set of strategies and procedures to improve the quality of educational management by strengthening a learning community based on the collaborative work of different actors:

  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Families

in order to support them in the achievement of the objectives of teaching and learning. We assist with guidance for students and professionals considering studying abroad through programs which address application processes, cultural adjustment, academic preparation and psychological readiness.

Free and open educational resources

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