Date & Time: July 18 (8-9 pm JST)

Organizer: Members of the BRAIN, CALL, and CUE SIGS (Japan)

Description: “New teacher knowledge, especially at the university level, requires both an understanding of the brain and how it learns, as well as insight as to what technological tools are available to save time, permitting more personalized learning. The global pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to educators, requiring new skill sets which many teachers have yet to master. This workshop will consider evidence-based pedagogies that can facilitate learning both in online as well as face-to-face contexts, as well as discuss time-saving digital tools. The objective of this workshop is to address your questions and make teaching in online contexts the most successful possible.”

portada libro

Speaker: Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, Ph.D.

Tracey is a Harvard professor and undoubtedly one of the top experts on learning. In fact, she has published a book about the neuroscience of online learning. Those of us who have read her books or taken her online course know what an amazing educator she is. Here is a video summarizing the content of the book (from 2:20 onwards).

This is a Flipped Conference

BEFORE the conference

1. Watch these videos

Best practices in Online Pedagogy using the Principles and Tenets from Mind, Brain, Health and Education Science

40 Pedagogies

2. After watching the video, send your questions. We will use your questions to structure the synchronous meeting

DURING conference

  1. Your ideas are the focus of a deeper discussion
  2. Broades sharing of ideas
  3. Deeper exploration of concepts

AFTER conference

  1. Reflection 3-2-1
  2. Extension (bundles)
  3. Transfer to new contexts

See you soon!